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In 10 years, we have helped as many as approx 10.000 customers move efficiently and effectively! Moving is a time full of stress and emotions; one can easily forget some important things. We'll organise everything for you!

For most of us, moving is a very important event, for which we prepare ourselves for a long period of time. However, the list of things we absolutely must not forget seems endless. Our employees approach every new order just as seriously as our customers approach the upcoming relocation – every day, we strive to relieve them of their stress caused by the relocation as best as we can, and to ensure that the entire process goes according to the plan – swiftly and efficiently.

The first step when organising and planning a move is to select its date – a specific day and time (during the rush hour, one must take into account the traffic jams, which will effectively prolong the order completion time). Only then can the quantity and value of the property to be transported be tentatively estimated – this is very important information to us as a moving company, as it allows us to organise the appropriate type of transport and select the optimal number of employees so as to make the duration of the entire service as short as possible, while being able to take proper care of your things. Another important issue is the floor from which things to be moved must be carried down – the higher the storey, the longer the moving time; especially if the block lacks a lift or if staircases are so narrow that they hinder the efficiency of the work. A driveway leading directly to the front door also makes things a lot easier.

In order to get an appraisal of a relocate in Warsaw or within Poland or Europe fill in the APPRAISAL FORM or CALL US.

For many years we have striven to face up to any challenge posed to us. We approach every moving service individually – this allows us to work efficiently and effectively. It is this trait that sets us apart from other companies that offer moving services.

We are worth your trust.

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OPTIMA Warsaw moving services

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