OPTIMA Warsaw moving services

Range of services

We offer more than just moving services to our customers – most importantly, we provide them with peace of mind and confidence that the move will be carried out swiftly and efficiently. We provide the following moving services:

  • packing of your property by a professional team – in every case, we prepare for the packing of our customers' property with utmost care – we carefully secure the packed interior furnishings and use strong and solid containers. Oversized property is not a problem to us, either. If the customer decides to do the packing themselves, we'll provide them with any necessary materials.
  • disassembly of furniture or office equipment – preventing the furniture from getting damaged, and ensuring that each of its elements will be solidly protected.
  • loading and unloading of your property – loading of property is always a time-consuming process. Before we start taking things out of the flat, we always secure the traffic routes through which we're going to be moving – so that nothing gets accidentally damaged. We make sure that all things are safely arranged in our delivery van and carefully secured with non-slip mats and transport belts. We organise the transport of both oversized objects and furniture (in Warsaw and its vicinity, but also within the entire country and abroad) as well as personal belongings and interior furnishings. After transporting the property to its destination, we unload and carry it into the new flat, as well as arrange it in accordance with the customer's wishes.
  • cleaning and disposal – following the completion of the service, we always make sure to leave the new flat tidy – we clean away the securing materials and unnecessary packaging left after the move. If you wish to get rid of unnecessary furniture or household appliances and audio/video devices – we'll help you with that, as well.

For many years we have striven to face up to any challenge posed to us. We approach every moving service individually – this allows us to work efficiently and effectively. It is this trait that sets us apart from other companies that offer moving services.

We are worth your trust.

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OPTIMA Warsaw moving services

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Address of headquarters / correspondence

ul. Mała 6, 05-300 Mińsk Mazowiecki

Sales office

Al. KEN 95, 02-777 Warsaw

Contact Warsaw (09.00-17.00)

(22) 398 19 51

Contact Siedlce (09.00-17.00)

(25) 740 20 95



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